Introduction to Hollywood Facial

A Carbon Laser Facial is a skin rejuvenation treatment that caters to various skin types and concerns. This exfoliating and resurfacing treatment utilises a liquid carbon mask containing tiny carbon particles applied to the skin’s surface. Once applied, the carbon mask is activated by laser treatment, effectively eliminating dead skin cells, debris, and excess oil, making it particularly beneficial for those with oily skin or enlarged pores. Carbon facials address fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and uneven skin tone. This procedure is particularly favoured for its minimal downtime, with no extensive recovery time or post-treatment precautions.

Introduction to Hollywood Facial

1-Removes Dead Skin Cells & Debris: Hollywood carbon facials reduce fine lines and wrinkles by promoting collagen production and improving skin texture through the application of a specialized carbon mask and laser treatment.

2-Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles: Our Élan carbon facial removes dead skin cells and debris, leaving your skin smoother and more radiant, as the carbon mask acts as a gentle exfoliant that’s activated and lifted away during the treatment.

3-Non-Invasive & No Downtime: Our carbon facial is non-invasive and requires no downtime, making it a convenient option for individuals seeking skin rejuvenation without the need for recovery periods or surgery.

After and Before Hollywood Facial

-After a treatment, the treated area of skin may feel a little warm afterward, and there may be some slight redness. If the treatment was used to target pigmentation, the pigment may appear darker for awhile, and may feel like a slight sunburn for about an hour after the procedure. Other common side effects may include swelling of the skin, redness, and sensitivity. To reduce your chances of experiencing these side effects or to help them disappear, here are some tips for carbon laser peel aftercare.

After your Carbon Laser Peel appointment, the top thing you need to do is to avoid active ingredients in your skincare products and beauty routine. Avoid any products that contain alpha hydroxy acids, retinol, and glycolic acid for at least two weeks because these can irritate your skin.

After a laser treatment, you should think of your skin as a fresh wound that needs to be treated with gentle care. You should avoid any products that contain strong fragrances and chemicals and stop your exfoliation for at least two weeks. You can use products with peptides, emollients, and SPF, and if you need to cleanse your skin, choose a milk cleanser or gentle moisturizing face wash

Your skin needs time to heal, and for your body to do that, it needs rest. Heavy exercising and sweating can irritate the delicate skin and slow down your ability to heal quickly. Take it easy—your skin will thank you for it!